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A. Sisley

Alfred Sisley

Photograph of Alfred Sisley
Full name: Alfred Sisley.
Nationality: France.
Year of birth: 1839, Paris.
Year of death: 1899, Moret-sur-Loing, France.
Style: Impressionism.

Sisley's works are predominantly landscapes. Although his paintings are not as well-known as those of his peers Monet and Renoir, he is considered one of the great French masters of the 19th century.

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Works by A. Sisley

  • "The Effect of Snow at Argenteuil"

    Painting The Effect of Snow at Argenteuil by Alfred Sisley. This masterpiece depicts...

  • "Haystack"

    Painting Haystack by Alfred Sisley. The painting displays a luminous natural environment...

  • "Saint Martin's Summer"

    Painting Saint Martin's Summer, by Alfred Sisley. Work with ochre tones...

  • "The Seine at Bougival"

    Painting The Seine at Bougival, painted by Alfred Sisley...

  • "Landscape at Louveciennes"

    The painting Landscape at Louveciennes was painted by Alfred Sisley in 1873. During a period...

  • "Lady's Cove"

    Painting Lady's Cove, Langland Bay by Alfred Sisley. It shows a...

  • "Meadow"

    The painting titled Meadow is an Impressionist landscape of colors...

  • "The Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne"

    Painting The Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne, painted by Alfred Sisley...

  • "The First Hoarfrost"

    Painting The First Hoarfrost, painted by Alfred Sisley. The work shows a colorful autumnal landscape in the Impressionist style...

  • "Square in Argenteuil"

    The painting Rue Chaussee by Alfred Sisley is one of the most representative works of the artist. It depicts a French town...

  • "Louveciennes"

    The painting Louveciennes, painted by Alfred Sisley in France in 1873...

  • "Abandoned House"

    The painting Abandoned House by Alfred Sisley shows a rural Impressionist landscape...

  • "The Bridge at Moret"

    The painting Bridge of Moret by Alfred Sisley...

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