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Original paintings

Original Paintings

Exclusive Paintings for Sale

We offer exclusive pieces of art, original paintings in different pictorial disciplines: oils, acrylics, illustrations, drawings, and prints. The works include the frame chosen by the artist. If you would like to see more framing options for these products, please contact us before placing your order.
In this section, you will find the selection of original works from the store. Unique paintings created exclusively for Todocuadros by plastic artists.

Artists in this section:
- Ángeles Croxatto
- Kiko Flores
- Rocío Arias
- Teresa Infiesta
- Josefa Riquelme

Exclusive Paintings Delivered in 48h

The exclusive paintings section consists of oil works created by the artists in our studio, not available in any other gallery or store.

Each painting is unique, no copies are made of them. Once sold, they are no longer available.
- Do they have any printed parts?
No, they are fine works, 100% oil paintings, hand-painted on linen canvas by our team of artists.
- How come they are so good?!!
We like what is unique and different, the result > Impressive Paintings!!
- Are they guaranteed?
Yes, 30 days return, learn more.
- How long do they take to arrive?
They take between 2 and 7 days within Spain and up to 15 days for the rest of the world. learn more.

We currently have the following original works available:

34 products

Kairos<br /> Rocío Arias
Kairos $812.00 CAD
SoldCibeles Square, Madrid -<br /> Kiko Flores (2018)
Summer Days -<br /> Teresa Infiesta
Summer Days $519.00 CAD
SoldThe Gran Vía Metro
SoldStorm in the Field II -<br /> Teresa Infiesta
SoldStorm in the countryside I -<br /> Teresa Infiesta
SoldScopic drive<br /> Rocío Arias (2019)
Scopic drive $692.00 CAD
SoldRío Bravo II -<br /> Teresa Infiesta
Río Bravo II $519.00 CAD
SoldRío Bravo I -<br /> Teresa Infiesta
Río Bravo I $519.00 CAD
SoldSheep -<br /> Teresa Infiesta
Sheep $519.00 CAD
SoldDescomposición de cielo -<br /> Teresa Infiesta
SoldNostalgia del este<br /> Rocío Arias (2019)
SoldCallao Square, Madrid -<br /> Kiko Flores (2018)
SoldGran Vía of Madrid -<br /> Kiko Flores (2018)
SoldBlues <br /> A. Croxatto (2018)
Blues $778.00 CAD
SoldPop Vases <br /> A. Croxatto (2017)
Pop Vases $778.00 CAD
SoldCuadro "Homenaje a Pollock" <br /> A. Croxatto (2015)
SoldLa Casa Milà, La Pedrera
SoldLa Fàrmacia en Las Ramblas
SoldThe Plaza Mayor of Madrid, Sunset
SoldMadrid's Gran Vía by Night
SoldPainting "The Harvest" <br /> A. Croxatto (2015)
The Harvest $657.00 CAD
SoldPainting "Red Line" <br /> A. Croxatto (2015)
Red Line $1,547.00 CAD
SoldPainting "The Blue Lake" <br /> A. Croxatto
The Blue Lake $778.00 CAD
SoldGarden Colour <br /> A. Croxatto
Garden Colour $709.00 CAD
SoldIndian Patches <br /> A. Croxatto
Indian Patches $1,547.00 CAD
SoldCoral Rosso <br /> A. Croxatto
Coral Rosso $1,547.00 CAD
SoldHomenaje a Kandinsky <br /> A. Croxatto
SoldSunrise <br /> A. Croxatto
Sunrise $1,547.00 CAD
SoldReflection of the Horizon <br /> A. Croxatto
SoldSabana <br /> A. Croxatto
Sabana $501.00 CAD
SoldBarco en Fiesta <br />A. Croxatto
Barco en Fiesta $562.00 CAD
SoldEl Mar, Barcelona
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