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Vintage Posters

Vintage Posters

The following posters are for display only, they are not for sale.
Music band posters.
Music Band Posters
Movie posters.
Movie Posters
Advertising posters.
Advertising Posters

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What is a Poster?

It is a printed card on one side with figures or text that convey an advertising, propaganda, or conceptual message. What differentiates posters from other works of art such as engravings, paintings, or prints is their explicit communicative nature. Posters are valued for the figures they display, which can be about musical groups, advertising, promotional movie posters, cartoons, or any subject that can use printed art on paper to promote a brand, product, or opinion on a topic.

The artistic value of posters is subjective, as it depends on the observer's affinity with the theme or concept displayed. For example, a poster of the movie "Titanic" can be very valuable to someone who likes that film or the actors and not to someone who does not know it.

History of the Poster

The historical origin of the poster took place in the 15th century, craftsmen manually made each printed sheet. The initial purpose of posters was to convey all kinds of political or advertising information to passersby on the streets. The first known maker was Jean Michel Papillon, the first artist to sign his works.

The origin of the modern poster dates back to 1870s France, where lithography artists developed techniques for color improvement and mass production. Since then, they have been primarily used to display advertising and political propaganda.

By 1890, they had spread throughout Europe, and numerous well-known artists were dedicated to their design.

Vintage Posters
Vintage promotional posters are appreciated by collectors around the world. Posters on diverse subjects such as movies, politics, sports event announcements, music festivals, and show promotions are considered pieces of art because they not only please the eye with their beauty but also convey a message to the viewer.