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Pre-Raphaelite Painting

The Pre-Raphaelite movement is an artistic movement that originated in England in 1848, represented by a group of painters who rejected the prevailing academicism. They believed that the art being produced since the 16th century was nothing more than a copy of itself, a now tired Renaissance style lacking in meaning.

In its place, the Pre-Raphaelites proposed pictorial creation based on 4 pillars:
1. Base the work on a genuine idea.
2. Observe nature and acquire the necessary knowledge to express the idea.
3. Empathize with past pictorial styles, rescuing only what is authentic, and discarding conventionalisms.
4. Seriously seek technical excellence in painting.

The original painters of the movement were: James Collinson, William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. To these were added some followers, of whom one of the most notable was John William Waterhouse.

Pre-Raphaelite Paintings:

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