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Who We Are

About Us

The company Todocuadros (Artwork-Vault in US and UK) was founded by siblings Andrés and Ángeles Croxatto in 2009, in Madrid, Spain. The business started by combining Ángeles' artistic knowledge and Andrés' work.

It began by offering a small collection of prints and engravings which were soon discontinued, and the focus shifted to selling exclusively hand-painted canvases. Today, we work with a premium team of painters. Todocuadros is online to produce the best oil paintings on the market. That is always our goal (see quality).

In 2013, Roberta Piana and Sergio Martinez joined Todocuadros, and to this day, they are the partners responsible for business development in Italy, where the paintings are sold through the website

In 2015, Fabiana Anghietti joined to expand the business in Portugal with

That same year, the business started to develop for English-speaking markets, with the participation of Gia Croxatto. This business is now found on the site

We don't want unhappy customers, so we offer quick responses, personalized attention, and most importantly: a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked (see guarantee).

Thank you to each of you for making this passion possible.

Best regards, The Todocuadros Team


Address: (Logistics) Calle Rafaela Bonilla 6, 28028 Madrid, Spain.
Customer service is exclusively online.
Todocuadros C. B.
Tax ID: E88037999

You can also find us at:
LinkedIn (Spain) (Italy) (USA) (UK) (Canadá) (Chile) (Portugal) (Mexico) (Colombia) (Argentina) (Peru) (In Spanish) (our printed art store)

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