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Kiko Flores

Kiko Flores

Kiko Flores M.

Francisco Flores Medina is an emerging Spanish artist with a nascent and very fruitful career. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville (Specialization in painting).

Since 2008, he has participated in works of great cultural and artistic importance, these are works in practically all forms of contemporary art: paintings, altarpieces, and icons made in religious institutions, in Spain and around the world.

Works of art that have, not only value in themselves, but also are placed within the canons of the new Western religious aesthetics of our times. In this sense, Kiko Flores is at the forefront and is making history in the field of religious painting.

Works done in mural painting

-2008, December. Painting Salamanca room.

-2009, March. Painting San Francisco and San Eulogio room, Córdoba.

-2011, May-June. Painting Altarpiece of the Redemptoris Mater Chapel Madrid.

-2011, July. Painting Mystical Crown Our Lady of Pilar Valdemoro.

-2011, August. Painting San Patricio room, Málaga.

-2011, September. Painting Our Lady of Pilar room, Valdemoro.

-2012, February. Painting San Antonio María Claret room, Málaga.

-2012, June-July. Painting Altarpiece Centro Ceuta.

-2013, May-June. Painting Altarpiece San Giovanni Battista Cagliari (Sardinia).

-2013, August. Preparation Painting San Francisco Javier room, Malta.

-2013, September. Painting Mystical Crown San Giovanni Evangelista, Mestre, Venice.

-2013, October-November. Restoration Redemptoris Mater Chapel Córdoba.

-2013-2014, November-February. Painting Altarpiece Parish of The Epiphany and Saint Thomas of Villanueva, Valencia.

-2014, May. Mural painting Hamrun, Malta.

-2014, July-August. Painting mystical crown of the holy apostles, recoletas, Santiago de Chile.

-2014, December-January. Painting San Sebastián room, Pozoblanco (Córdoba).

-2015, February. Painting Santa Rosa de Lima room, Valladolid, Spain.

-2016-2017, November-February. Painting altarpiece Redemtoris Mater Seminary Rome.

-2017-2018, November-February, Painting Altarpiece convent of the Carmelites Mazarón, Murcia.

-2018, July-August, Painting parish Our Lady of the Assumption Brasilia, Brazil.

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SoldCallao Square, Madrid -<br /> Kiko Flores (2018)Callao Square, Madrid -<br /> Kiko Flores (2018)