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Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt

Photograph of Gustav Klimt
Full name: Gustav Klimt.
Nationality: Austrian.
Birth: 1862, Baumgarten, Austria.
Death: 1918, Vienna.
Style: Modernism, Art Nouveau, Eclectic Mosaic.

Klimt's works were characterized, in his first artistic phase, by cultivating an eclectic style, with an interest in historical themes. Later, Klimt was one of the protagonists of the artistic movement that would make him go down in history: Modernism (Art Nouveau), developed in Europe mainly at the beginning of the 20th century.

From 1909, Klimt begins to experiment and become an expert in mosaic work, these are his most known works today, for example: The Kiss or Judith.

The main themes that inspired his paintings are: sexuality, love, and death. The value of the works is evident when seeing the prices they have reached in the market, for example, the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer painted in 1907, was acquired for 135 million dollars by the New York Neue Galerie in 2006. © diCrox.

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Painter's Details

Works of G. Klimt

  • "The Virgin"
    Famous painting by the artist Gustav Klimt. The work shows a group of women intertwined with brightly colored fabrics...

  • "The Kiss"
    Famous work by the Austro-Hungarian painter Gustav Klimt. Original image of the painting, without cropping...

  • "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I"
    According to experts, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I is the most representative painting of Gustav Klimt's entire career. Painted during the so-called "golden period", in which the artist developed all kinds of works using gold...

  • "Danae"
    The painting Danae by Gustav Klimt is one of the most representative works of the artist's collection of female nudes. In it, he demonstrates the mastery of his stroke in outlining women's forms...

  • "Mada Primavesi"
    Portrait of Mada Primavesi, a friend of Klimt, painted in 1913. The stunning beauty of the female face displayed in this painting is one of the few initiatives of the artist in portraying the purity and innocence of childhood...

  • "The Atersee Lake"
    The canvas Lake Attersee is a masterpiece of pointillism by Gustav Klimt, featuring high contrasts of turquoise brushstrokes...

  • "Pine Forest"
    Painting Pine Forest by Gustav Klimt, an autumnal landscape work with reddish trunks and a ground covered in leaves of the same hue...

  • "The Swamp"
    Painting The Swamp by Gustav Klimt, the landscape is inspired by the forested environment of Austria, the country where the painter developed much of his art...

  • "Death and Life"
    Painting by Gustav Klimt titled Death and Life, painted in 1910. In this work, the artist wanted to represent life by showing people of all generations, from the baby to the grandmother, as a symbol of the endless circle of existence...

  • "Water Serpents II"
    Painting by Gustav Klimt also known as Water Serpents, painted in 1907...

  • "Farmhouse in Kammer on Lake Attersee"
    Work painted by Gustav Klimt, the painting is not one of the artist's most famous, however, the canvas demonstrates the great ability of the painter to interpret the tones offered by nature at sunset...

  • "Fruit Trees"
    Work painted by Gustav Klimt, the painting shows a green landscape with fruit trees and light effects...

  • "Expectation"
    The painting The Expectation by Gustav Klimt, was painted around the year 1907. In the work, a young woman is seen positioned in front of the tree of life (background drawing)...

  • "Fulfillment"
    Part of the same collection that includes the painting The Expectation...

  • "Portrait of Helene"
    It is one of the few pieces of art by Gustav Klimt where he shows a pure academic style...
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