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Pablo R. Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Photo of Adult Pablo Picasso
Artist Details
Name:  Pablo Ruiz Picasso.
Nationality:  Spain.
Year of Birth:  1881, Spain.
Year of Death:  1973, France.
Style:  Academicism, Expressionism, Cubism, Modernism.

Born in Málaga, he painted his first picture at the age of 8: "The Yellow Picador". He soon showed an impressive ability for his age, capable of painting a large number of figures while naturally adhering to the most conservative norms of academic composition.

Picasso's style cannot be confined to a finite list, as he was not only a major contributor to the main European modernist movements, but certain trends are attributed solely to him (e.g., protocubism, blue period, and the minotaur).

Picasso's success is a melting pot of many factors: his genius, the schools where he studied (Barcelona and Paris mainly), his interest in social issues, his friendships with artists and dealers, his prolific production of paintings, innovative mindset, and leadership. Although at the end of his career he tended to paint increasingly simpler figures, verging on the abstract, his authority as an artist was unquestionable, especially due to his background in creating high-quality works. Picasso earned the right to break the rules, having mastered them perfectly.

Picasso's Works

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  • "Child with a Dove"

    Painted by Picasso in 1901, the work depicts an infant tenderly holding a pigeon.

  • "Mediterranean Landscape"

  • "Ladies of Avignon"

    Painted in 1907, it portrays a group of nude women without considering space and depth.

  • "Nude and Still Life"

    An abstract composition by Pablo Picasso, featuring black lines filled with color. Painted in 1931.

  • "The Rest"

    Painted by Pablo Picasso, an expressionist work depicting a silhouette of a female face resting.

  • "Girl Before a Mirror"

    An abstract composition showing a girl looking at herself in the mirror, painted in 1932.

  • "The Dream"

    Shows a female figure in an expressionist style, painted in 1932.

  • "The Lesson"

    Depicts the figures of a girl and her teacher in a lesson, painted in 1934.

  • "Table in Front of the Window"

    A still life painting of inanimate objects. Painted by Picasso in 1919.

  • "Dora Maar Portrait"

    Cubist style painting. Created in 1936.

  • "Woman with Pears (Fernande)"

    The painting depicts the face of a woman with pears in the background. Painted by Picasso in 1909, during the early peak of the Cubist style.

  • "The Friendship"

    Pablo Picasso, 1908.

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