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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci

Engraved portrait of Leonardo
Full name: Leonardo da Vinci.
Nationality: Italy.
Year of birth: 1452, Italy.
Year of death: 1519, France.
Style: Renaissance.

Works of Leonardo

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  • "Head of a Woman (La Scapigliata)"

    Painting in sepia by the Master Leonardo da Vinci, the painting has also been called Female Head.
    English title: Female Head.

  • "Madonna of the Yarnwinder"

    Realistic religious painting by the Italian Leonardo da Vinci....

  • "The Last Supper"

    Da Vinci's Last Supper is a religious painting on a church wall (fresco). The original of this work corresponds to a fresco measuring 8.8 x 4.6 m. Painted on plaster between 1495 and 1497 in the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan, Italy....

  • "The Mona Lisa"(La Gioconda)

    The Mona Lisa painting is the best-guarded painting in the world, currently located in the Louvre Museum, Paris. There it is housed in a transparent, hermetically sealed box with controlled pressure and temperature...

  • "A Study of a Woman's Hands"

    Painting by Leonardo da Vinci, painted around 1474...

  • "Head of Leda"

    This work is an initial study of the Girl's head from the painting Leda and the Swan. It is a drawing of a female head looking diagonally downward. The hair is neatly combed and adorned around the ears....

  • "Head of a Young Woman (Study for the Angel in The Virgin of the Rocks)"

    Painting by Leonardo da Vinci Head of a Girl, study painted in 1483...

  • "Belle Ferronniere"

    Renaissance-style portrait painted in the 1490s by Leonardo da Vinci. Original dimensions: 45 x 63 cm....

  • "Leda and the Swan (Wilton House)"

    Although the original work is considered lost, its existence is known through written sources and copies of the painting, the most famous being the one shown in the image, painted around 1510...

  • "Lady with an Ermine"

    English title: Lady with an Ermine. Ancient woman portrayed by the master Leonardo da Vinci....

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