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Joan Miró

Joan Miró

Photograph of Joan Miró
Full name: Joan Miró.
Nationality: Spain.
Year of birth: 1891, Barcelona.
Year of death: 1983, Palma de Mallorca.
Style: Impressionism, surrealism, modernism.

Miró's works are considered as initiators of the European surrealist style. Among the abstract forms, silhouettes suggesting real and imaginary figures are glimpsed. The childlike sensibility, along with the creative richness captured in his paintings, follow characteristic and unique parameters, which is why his compositions are recognizable at first glance.

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Works of J. Miró

  • "The Gold of the Azure"

    Also known by its Italian title L'oro dell Azzurro...

  • "Ladders Cross the Blue Sky in a Wheel of Fire"

    The painting Stairway Crossing the Blue Sky in a Wheel of Fire was painted by the Catalan in 1953. The vivid colors of the composition give it the joy characteristic of the works...

  • "The Smile of Flamboyant Wings"

    The painting The Smile of Flaming Wings by was created in 1953. In the painting, Miró's most recognizable elements and figures are distinguished. These include black lines, large color circles, and the curious round shapes and lines of childlike simplicity...

  • "Blue II"

    A minimalist work in colors: blue, black, and fuchsia. A surrealist painting.
    French title: Bleu II

  • "Figures and Dog in front of the Sun"

    A figurative painting of an animal in front of the sun by , a surrealist work of the French artist. English title: Dog in Front of the Sun...

  • "The Rooster"

    Oil on canvas painted by , hand-painted reproduction of the original work. French title: Le Coq...

  • "The Harlequin's Carnival"

    Original painted by ...

  • "Woman, Bird and Star (Homage to Pablo Picasso)"

    Cubist painting by . The composition was made as a Tribute to Pablo Picasso...

  • "The Singing Fish"

    Composition of abstract forms depicting a singing fish. Painted by . English title: Singing Fish...

  • "Melancholic Singer"

    A figurative style work, with vibrant color shapes on a raw background, painting by ...

  • "Woman and Birds at Sunrise"

    The painting Woman and Birds at Dawn was painted by in 1946. Although his works are usually abstract, in this particular piece, it is relatively easy to identify the human figures present...

  • "Star's Hair"

    Painting on a linen base with round silhouettes in strong tones...

  • "The Birth of Day (1968)"

    Abstract combination of primary colors, green and black...

  • "Abstract"

    Abstract painting where the unique style of the artist is fully appreciated...

  • "Tapestry Design"

    Painting titled Tapestry Design by , featuring a blue background and white and red figures, a style frequently used by the artist in other works...

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