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M. Ryden

Mark Ryden

The Trending Painter in Hollywood

Mark Ryden, an American painter, a figure of the Hollywood scene, who has recently gained a lot of notoriety as one of the favorite plastic artists of several stars, including: Di Caprio and Katy Perry.

He is not a newcomer, having developed a consistent career since the 80s, rubbing shoulders with famous singers and writers. In this field, he even designed one of the most famous album covers of all time, "Dangerous" by Michael Jackson himself.

The style of this painter is marked by its closeness to the eerie and macabre, personally, I don’t like the aesthetic he proposes, but it's curious how the demand for such peculiar works has increased among American artists. So much so that he even got an article in the New York Times.

Artist Data
  • Nationality: American.
  • Year of Birth: 1963.
  • Artistic Discipline: Oil painting and pencil drawing.
  • Style: Surrealist.
  • Official Website:

Of course, the prices are through the roof, to give you an idea, Christie's auction house sold one of his paintings in 2013 for 700,000 dollars.

Here I offer you a selection of 21 works of Mark Ryden
Click to enlarge:

Work by Mark Ryden. Pencil sketch.
Work titled "Goodbye little bear", draft and finished original.
Colored drawing. Draft of the work.
"The Depressing Little Boy" ("Blue boy" in English).
Animal caricature.
Title: "Grey Animal".
Minimalist composition.
"The boy with balloons".
Girl with a bee.
Childish painting.
"The Butcher Bunny".
Girl with rabbit.
"Cut Rabbit".
Color portrait. Pencil portrait.
Human anatomy artwork
"Inside Sue".
Dollhouse interior.
"The Ecstasy of Cecilia".
Vintage artwork.
"The Birth".
Painting on wood.
"Sue the Nurse"
Macabre style.
Psychedelic art.
"Jimi Hendrix".
Landscape with carriage.
"Leonardo" (Di Caprio).
Children's print.
"Girl Eaten by a Tree".
Landscape drawing.
"California Bear".
Christmas etching.
"Santa Worm".
Children's style artwork.
"Girls Only".
Gothic mosaic.
"The Meat Train"
Video game figure.