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Crazy art

Crazy art

What is art? The Royal Spanish Academy offers several definitions of the word art, the second of which is the most familiar: definition of art.

Although expressing the concept of art with a simple description may seem frivolous, it is necessary to take it into account, as this has been constructed by synthesizing vast historical information about the activity.

To understand it, it is necessary to know that art is inherent to human beings. In some way, the very nature of man impels him to seek beauty in the objects that surround him. From this interest comes the will to construct beautiful objects using one's own hands.

To carry out this task, humans have relied for centuries on different materials, those that seem most suitable are those that can be easily shaped (plastic materials), for example: paints, wood, stone, and metals. With these materials, the most refined works have been created throughout history, including the artistic endeavors that follow.

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Edgar Mueller
H. R. Giger
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