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E. Mueller

Edgar Mueller

3D Street Paintings

Edgar Mueller (or Müller) is the world's most renowned street artist for 3D paintings.

The charm of these paintings is that they are made in such a way that when viewed from a specific point, the "magic" happens, making it appear as if the figures are part of the landscape.

Artist Details
  • Nationality: German.
  • Year of Birth: 1968.
  • Artistic Discipline: Madonnari (what is it? see on Wikipedia)
  • Guinness Records: The largest artwork painted on pavement.
  • Official Website:

We have selected 16 current works of the artist, incredible!
Click to see them larger

Iceberg by Edgar Müller.
Dún Laoghaire, Ireland 2008.
Cliff with waterfall.
London 2011.
Tree with fire painted in 3D.
Aarhus, Denmark 2001.
Street painting of a water phoenix.
Grand Rapids, Michigan 2011.
Boat with wooden floor and animals emerging.
Koblenz, Germany 2014.
Energy sphere, work by Edgar Müller.
Chelsea, UK 2011.
Street with crevasse and river.
Geldern, Germany 2008.
Three-dimensional cavern.
Geldern, Germany 2008.
"Where am I going" by Müller.
City of Tepic, Mexico 2010.
Three-dimensional dragon.
Gorky Park, Moscow 2012.
Artistic fantasy with perspective.
Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan 2013.
The waterfall painted on the street.
Moose Jaw, Canada 2007.
Painted river that looks real.
Krasnogorsk, Moscow 2013.
Street artwork titled "Plasma".
Lausanne, Switzerland 2014.
Rocky mountains with waterfall.
Moscow 2010.
Tribute to the elements, 3D painting.
Gorky Park, Moscow 2012.